Araraquara - SP

Tatuapé - SP

Goiânia - GO

Brasilia - DF

Educational facilities

Project Description

Featuring the architectural flexibility the institution promotes in its campuses, the projects spring from the concept of space within people and ideas, places that go beyond formal learning. One such example is the Universidade Paulista (UNIP) project in Brasilia, where a broad atrium opens itself up to the city, and where all campus activities converge. The complex incorporates a space with rigorous features, where a succession of buildings sprawls along a great axis, providing complete integration.

Fast-track design and construction models, requiring high management and performance levels.

Challenging timelines due to project complexity and number of buildings.

Flexible buildings, able to accommodate future layout modifications. In the areas designed for classrooms, for example, the 800 m² slabs have no walls or partitions, so as to enable future layout adaptations.


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