Tetra Pak

Monte Mor - SP

Food and Beverage

Project Description

Expansion of the present logistics warehouse, turning it into a Customer Innovation Center - CIC, catering to the Latin America demand. This is the third CIC in the world.


The project scope was divided into three sectors:

1. Marketing - the sector was created to receive clients, develop product ideas and host  global conferences.

2. Pilot plant - the sector was devised to conduct product prototype testing. Prototype assembly line.

3. Training Center - Assembly/production lines for continuous production initial testing of projects/products that were approved at the pilot plant. This sector also houses training rooms where the Tetra Pak employees learn how to operate the product assembly lines and assist customers.


Guarantee the interface and quality of high-level finishings as established by Tetra Pak international standards. Guarantee the performance of multimedia and technology solutions to ensure conference room connectivity.

Development and compatibility of executive projects (outside the scope of Matec), ensuring delivery of an excellent product in the training center area. Support of Matec in the improvement of engineering as a whole.




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