Siemens do Brasil

Cabreúva - SP

Science and Technology

Project Description

Design and construction of the logistics and industrial unit of Siemens Ltda. Matec was in charge of ground leveling, moving about 200,000 m³ of earth. Construction of a warehouse extending around 14,000 m², deep foundation in excavated piles with mechanical borehole equipment, shallow foundation in cast in-situ reinforced concrete, composite superstructure using precast concrete and metallic pillars. Metallic covering structure with metallic roofing tiles and stone wool batt insulation, rigid internal floor in reinforced concrete with screen. Internal floor structure capable of supporting train tracks. Side closings in metallic tile and masonry. Construction of a mezzanine delivered only on concrete slab, and a bathroom with finishes.

Execution of partial delivery so that the client could make adjustments and transfer the logistics center from the city of São Paulo to Cabreúva. This goal should be completed during adverse weather months.

Matec focused on engineering planning, establishing critical paths in project development, procuring materials at the right time, in order to meet every deadline set by the client.


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