Indústrias Romi

Santa Barbara D´Oeste - SP


Project Description

Expansion of manufacturing area and construction of the new large size casting foundry. The project for both buildings features deep foundations put in place using continuous helical displacement, shallow foundation elements, containments and concrete base structures cast in-situ, composite superstructure, with metal and precast concrete pillars, metal structure and roofing, with uninsulated trapezoidal roof tiles. Internal rigid concrete pavement, reinforced with electro welded wire mesh, closures in reinforced concrete masonry units.

Execution of precast columns up to 32 m in height, which called for heavy-duty vertical transportation equipment.

Matec opted for producing the pre-cast pillars in-situ, consequently avoiding risks and reducing logistic costs for material delivery. In addition, Matec reengineered the pillar design in order to reduce the final weight of the structures. Concrete tracks were provided at the construction site and the manufactured parts were subsequently hoisted by standard equipment, thus reducing the project cost.


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