Procter & Gamble - P&G

Louveira - SP

Consumer goods

Project Description

Construction of a distribution center, manufacturing plant, administrative building, freight elevator building for cargo trams, and support buildings. Drainage and pavement of the entire external area.

Movement of 800,000 m³ of soil.

Drainage was performed by flowing rain water into water springs and Permanent Preservation Areas.

Contract was delivered ahead of time.

Development of executive and constructive projects suitable to the existing metal structure sourced in Italy, in the existing coming of Italy in the freight elevator building.

The manufacturing plant building was constructed simultaneously with the client's project implementation, which required a highly dynamic engineering team.


The site implementation went through a reengineering process, and the number of support walls to be executed was reduced, which generated BRL 7 million (app. USD 2 million) in savings for the client.

Sectors of the construction were partially cleared as work finished, allowing the P&G operations to begin one year before the end of the contract.

Complete reconfiguration of the entire project and technical solutions for the administrative building, which produced a more modern product through industrial concepts at the same cost estimated in the contract.

Replacement of the reinforced concrete floor system with prestressed concrete floor system throughout the distribution center and dock berths.


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