Integrating multiple disciplines and activities to improve project efficiency is the starting point for any project undertaken by Matec.

From complex projects to revamping of facilities, pre-building reduces risks by identifying and solving potential problems before the start of the project.


This intelligence in engineering presents several advantages in comparison to traditional building techniques in terms of time, cost, environmental impact and quality upon delivery of the project.

The seamless integration with the client's objectives begins by accurately choosing the project delivery method. Matec specializes in 3 main project delivery systems.

Design &

Building (D&B)

Matec is responsible for the execution and synergy of the entire project. We are then better able to fine-tune the concept and deployment of pre-construction intelligence, which in turn greatly improves process efficiency. By managing the supply chain through D&B, substantial gains in quality, time and costs can be obtained.


It is our experience in innovation and knowledge coupled with a thorough understanding of the complete cycle of the project.

Value engineering

& Construction

Taking blueprints as starting points, Matec takes over the pre-construction and construction intelligence.


Our active track record integrates extensive data, key learnings and in-depth knowledge amassed from all our projects. Along with the innovative way in which we apply the BIM methodology in Brazil, including 7D prototyping, we can work cooperatively with clients to achieve greater efficiency throughout the construction process: We combine efficient manufacturing, assembly and logistics as a means to reduce costs and make the project happen.



We apply and develop new technologies, quality management plans, price formation and timeline creation, supplier and material procurement and development, logistics analysis and constructability, sustainability, contingency plans, certifications and executive plan.


Contractor (GC)

In this modality, we are responsible for the construction phase, starting work from the executive projects devised and supplied by the client.


In this stage, we connect innovation to enhance opportunities along the construction process. This differentiating factor is only possible because we believe that, by integrating all disciplines, we can deliver greater efficiency and profitability.



The intelligence applied in engineering and pre-construction enables the work conducted in the construction site to be transformed, involving little more than a series of brief, straightforward and standardized tasks. 


In addition, the application of industry processes and principles strengthens our model. So, even if we are not involved in the project design, we can deliver the best experience and results.

Project Delivery




To us, there's only one way to do something. Together.