We have been in Brazil for over 27 years. 


That's 27 years of building our greatest differentiating factor: our belief. Matec strongly believes in connecting our building vision to the client's operating vision. We believe in connecting all disciplines to deliver the best technology: the thinking technology.


That is how we procure the ideal materials, the best delivery times, lower costs and the most advanced technology to suit each project’s needs.


This is Value Engineering. 

We think together to imagine beyond what is and build sustainable, lasting relationships.

By connecting disciplines, we deliver far more than engineering.

Matec Engineering


Project development and execution of integrated engineering solutions for a variety of industries, bolstered by over 27 years of experience.

They enable the group's business, backing it up financially. It is the capital available to meet market demands.

A non-profit initiative, it benefits children and teenagers facing social vulnerability, encouraging their engagement in sports and educational activities.

To us, there's only one way to do something. Together.


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Years in Brazil

Million/m² of built-up area


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Direct employees

Organizational Structure

BIM Methodology

Our active track record integrates extensive data, key learnings and knowledge obtained from all our projects. In conjunction with the innovative way in which we apply the BIM methodology in Brazil, including 7D prototyping, we can work cooperatively with clients to achieve greater efficiency throughout the construction process, as well as enhance technology and performance in:

  • Project management 

  • Quality management plan

  • Price formation and selection of certified suppliers

  • Logistics analysis and constructability

  • Value engineering

  • Sustainability

  • Certifications




Based on the specific performance of each type of construction project;

Systems development involving designers, suppliers and consultants

With stakeholders involved in and around the construction chain.





Based on the specific requirements of each type of construction project.

Product development –industrialized systems control – assembly process control – quality – safety.

With every individual engaged in the processes (top management)



Our compliance area sets procedures to prevent and detect illegal behaviors, to encourage adherence to company policies, rules and regulations.

The goal is to ensure transparency and ethics in business. 


Quality and safety management 

Certifications and management

Our construction projects rely on systems that ensure and assess quality standards, financial and economic capacity, safety and compliance with environmental regulations. Their aim is to seek efficiency in the company's processes and solutions.

Product quality





Safety in the process


Manuals, procedures, checklists, training and audits


Monthly integration plans


Encouragement and recognition of projects


We employ methodologies that turn a civil construction project into an optimized assembly line. This highly rationalizes the project, leading to increased productivity paired with industrialized execution.


This set of innovative solutions can add value to engineering and especially to the end product. The end product is maximum performance within timeframes, guaranteed quality and leadership in serving large multinational clients.

The application of industry processes and principles strengthens the pre-engineering concept: prefabricated components, quality management strategies and energy efficiency methods and techniques.

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