São Paulo - SP


Project Description

The retrofit of this classic building designed by Jacques Pillon and Franz Heep was carried out exactly 50 years after its launch, and retained only the original aesthetics of the facade and sections listed. The revitalization covered 30,000 m2, completely renovated the entire complex, designed to be a modern hotel with 415 rooms, including 127 suites and 5,000 m2 of convention space.


Phased execution: initially for relocation of structural parts, reinforcement of beams/pillars for load transfer, and creation of internal streets.

Differentiated logistics: as the building takes up the entire property area, hindering the creation of a proper storage area, it was necessary to set up ducts to transfer debris between floors, and connect those directly to the vehicles in charge of taking the debris to the landfills.

Process of revitalizing the original brise-soleil, which were scoured and restored with  polyester ink, replicating the same characteristic of the original project. Reengineering: vacuum sewerage system, closing in masonry and plasterboard.


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