Iguatemi Caxias do Sul

Caxias do  Sul - RS

Shopping Malls

Project Description

With daring design and inspired by high-end developments, Iguatemi Caxias is the largest shopping center of the Serra Gaúcha region. It features spacious common areas, in addition to a glazed metal structure that lets in natural light. It is located on the main access to the metropolis, which allows your connection to the other cities of the Sierra and the positions as the main commercial point of reference, covering 24 municipalities in the surrounding public. The mall complex receives over 8 million consumers annually and its store mix of approximately 150 outlets showcases representative national and international brands. In sum, Iguatemi Caxias offers its customers a modern and innovative concept: the lifestyle center.

Technological installations: efficient glazing (facade insulation and preservation of the HVAC system);

VRF air-conditioning system  Presence sensors in the common areas;

Automatic lighting control systems, high-performance lamps in the common and private areas;

Individual power meters;

Basins and taps fitted with water savings valves and flow restrictors;

Storage tanks to harvest rainwater and allow subsequent use in the irrigation of green areas.


Reduction of greenhouse effect: Adoption of materials with high solar reflectance index, maintaining indoor temperature balance.

Hybrid "Stick/Unitized" glazing system, with in-situ glass installation.


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