Hospital Cabreúva

Cabreúva - SP


Project Description

Matec Engenharia, through its Matec Institute and the support of partner companies, was responsible for the facility renovations. The hospital is the only emergency room providing health care to the population of Cabreúva and its vicinity.

The goal was to resume serving the local population. To that end, the existing building had its facilities revamped with the creation of new wings and rooms, while the area which housed the operating was restructured.

One of the biggest challenges in the project was its deadline. The hospital had suspended its services in January 2013, which required adults and children to travel to nearby towns in order to receive health care.

The building presented several water leakages and structural problems. The project delivered 870 m² of renovated facilities, 40 beds, an OR, a pediatric care center and specialized office, in compliance with Anvisa (Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency) regulations. All the power and hydraulic networks, roofs, floors, doors and windows were replaced.

The hospital relied on Matec Engenharia's expertise in the implementation of a Medical Gas System in order to expand its service infrastructure, benefiting the local population who did not have access to such services.

The new Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Cabreúva facilities now have a spacious and modern structure which provides health care services to the local population with comfort and safety. The building also underwent renovations to promote a more sensible use of internal areas. New rooms were created, such as the pediatric and adult wings, pharmacy, X-ray room, doctor's office and inpatient/outpatient beds.



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