General Motors 

São Caetano - SP


Project Description

This project for the existing GM plant site in São Caetano do Sul - SP entails raising two stretches of the manufacturing building and renovating the “Paint Mix” building.


The “Paint Mix” building will undergo renovations in order to create physical separation between this building and the adjacent one. The proposal includes ad hoc adjustments of constructive elements. In the manufacturing area, Matec will raise the present roof coverage, without damaging the current building structure.

The most challenging aspects of this project consist of raising the coverage, which is located in the heart of the manufacturing area, while the plant remains in operation, and deliver an excellent interface between the existing building and the new construction.

The relationship between BIM and the point cloud survey of the existing building is crucial to the success of the construction, since it can spot interference and suggest solutions before on-site execution begins, ensuring efficiency in cost management and project planning.


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