Duque de Caxias

Duque de Caxias - RJ


Project Description

Development of executive projects (in general), technical follow-up to attain the certificate of occupancy and the Fire Department Inspection Certificate (AVCB), sign-off of projects with clients, execution of deep foundations by continuous helical displacement pile and root pile, in-situ infrastructure in reinforced concrete, precast concrete infrastructure (tilt-up, pillars, beams and alveolar slabs), metallic structure, natural ventilation system, zenithal lighting at 300 lux, life line systems, catwalks, electric, hydraulic and fire protection installations, ground leveling, signage, planting new lawn, asphalt pavement, interlocking pavers and polished flooring, water and wastewater drainage infrastructure, comprising the GLP Industrial District, warehouse 24, warehouse 25, external area and adjacent buildings (entrance gates, substations, changing room, machine rooms and restaurant).


Unexpected circumstances related to the local soil condition required more complex foundation solutions and a longer period of time to be completed than initially estimated.


Matec differentiating factor

Based on Matec's construction expertise, we considered engineering solutions that would meet the new needs, and also revised the planning so that the project would be carried out within the schedule negotiated with the client.


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