General Motors  MASC

São Caetano do Sul - SP


Project Description

Located in São Caetano do Sul, the project consists of the construction of the new General Motors MASC building. It entails the design and full implementation of the manufacturing plant in metallic framing, roofing and side closings, reinforced concrete floors and infrastructure, asphalt and concrete pavement, electric, hydraulic and drainage installations, demolition of the existing building and repositioning of the networks that might get in the way of the project execution. The total project extension amounts to 40,000 m².


The main challenges in the project execution were the construction's operational logistics, the integration of the new building with existing ones and and strict client requirements related to the concrete floor flatness and levelness.


Matec differentiating factors

The project was implemented in phases, so as to interfere the least possible with the client's operations.


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