General Motors Joinville

Joinville - SC


Project Description

Located in Joinville/SC, the project consists of the expansion of the General Motors engine plant. It entails the design and full implementation of the manufacturing plant in metallic framing, roofing and side closings, reinforced concrete floors and infrastructure, asphalt and concrete pavement, electric, hydraulic, fire protection and drainage installations, terrain leveling and repositioning of the networks that might get in the way of the project execution. The total project extension is 54,000 m².


Highly expansive soil, subject to significant movements.

Stringent requirements for concrete floor flatness and levelness.

Rainwater storage and reuse systems.

High traffic of forklifts and rigid wheel carts. 

Implementation of pile-supported ground slabs, thus reducing the number of joints.

Installation of metallic joints throughout the areas subject to forklift and cart traffic.

Implementation of a linear reservoir for rainwater harvesting. 


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