Fleury Unidade Jardim Sul

São Paulo - SP


Project Description

The project consisted of the development of design and construction of a new Fleury diagnostic center, located in the south zone of the city of São Paulo.

The project's challenge consisted of meeting deadlines and cost reduction goals related to high-quality finishes and complexity in the installation of customer equipment. The installation of magnetic resonance imaging equipment required precise planning in order to eliminate equipment storage costs, which was delivered and immediately installed.

In addition to the complexity of the installation, it was necessary to ensure the continuous operation of the MRI equipment, requiring the completion of the entire power feed infrastructure, in parallel with the remaining construction work.

The MRI, X-Ray and Mammography rooms presented specific conditions in the construction, electric installations and refrigeration, and required full compliance to the Site Planning specifications submitted by the client.

To meet the challenge, we adopted industrialized solutions, such as the concrete structure and precast containments. The equipment installation demanded accurate planning, in line with local traffic authorities. The MRI delivery and installation took place on the same day.


It was not necessary to mobilize significant storage areas during the project execution. Thanks to the Just-in-Time concept, every industrialized solution was delivered and immediately installed, ensuring high levels of productivity and precision in the constructive process.


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