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Documents required for approval.


1 -  CNPJ Card

2 - Articles of Incorporation

3 - Certifications and/or Reports  

• CND – Certificate of Good Standing

• ISO's

• PPRA – Environmental Risk Prevention Program

• PCMSO – Program for Medical Control of Occupational Health

When the items are controlled items: 

1 -  Issuance of ART (Technical Term of Responsibility)

2 - References of construction work in progress or finalized, and their contacts

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We encourage managers to engage in developing their teams, motivating people to take charge of their own growth and development. 

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We have developed a supplier approval platform. Through this process, we are able to assess the suppliers' technical qualifications and certifications, in addition to related fiscal, financial, legal and labor requirements.

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The construction segment has been facing challenging times, and technology can certainly favorably impact this scenario. It is an opportunity to show a new side of this segment: innovation – sustainability – environment – people – governance – ways to collaborate – thinking technology.


Matec has been consolidating and making its mark in Brazil as a construction company with superior ability to execute projects in innovative, sustainable and efficient ways, under transparent governance management.

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