Embraer Taubaté

Taubaté - SP

Science and Technology

Project Description

Industrial facility dedicated to machining aviation components and manufacturing of landing gears. It consists of a refrigerated warehouse, equipped with specific foundations able to support machining equipment, and an adjacent administrative building for manufacturing and administration.

Develop a project that meets the specifications of machining equipment at the manufacturing facility, in addition to industrial power systems.

The structure consists of precast concrete pillars, beams and slabs, and metallic structure for the facade and roof closings. Industrial and commercial concrete floor on compacted base course. Internal drywall closings (standard and moisture resistant) for the administrative areas and masonry for the technical and manufacturing areas. External closing in isopanel. Mineral ceiling tiles for administrative areas. Metallic cover with 0,65 mm zipped tiles with facefelt insulation blanket. Installations: power, hydraulic, fire protection, industrial wastewater, compressed air and air conditioning.


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