Barros Loureiro

São Paulo - SP


Project Description

Architectural and structural refitting of the old Barros Loureiro office building, located on Avenida 9 de Julho in São Paulo/SP.

The 11-floor building project comprised a new façade, new structural reinforcements, emergency stairwells and window frames.


This project presented numerous challenges, such as:

- High building age;

- Structure conservation and execution conditions;

- Significant demolition of the structure, with specific shoring requirements;

Residential buildings extremely close to the construction site, restricting working hours;

- Compatibility of facility infrastructures;

- Low ceiling height for commercial standards.

To address building age issues and poor quality of construction execution, we put together a unique demolition project involving temporary shoring and highly specific implementation steps. In addition, we involved a company specializing in demolitions in conjunction with a shoring company.

Carbon fibers were used to strength structures in various places such as beams, slabs around the facade edges, elevator slab etc.

To ensure facility compatibility, every floor was scanned by a specialized company and turned into a 3D model. It was then possible to optimize the compatibility between hydraulic, electric and air-conditioning systems.

The 3D model revealed that all the floors were uneven. To address the issue, we created a self-leveling screed. The solution automatically corrected the unevenness and generated substantial savings in cost and time, and enhanced quality.

In relation to the neighbors, we conducted an intense number of meetings and frequent presentations to keep them up-to-date on the project schedule, in an attempt to minimize as much as possible the impact of construction on the neighborhood.

All the facade windows were replaced with new ones. Due to lack of standardization of the spans, we corrected the issue with EPS. We also added precast cement drip trays to be cut out in-situ, and made every span suitable for use.


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