Di Santinni

Queimados - RJ


Project Description

Conceptual development, approval before all required authorities and supervisory agencies, design and construction of the shoe manufacturing plant and storage warehouses, in addition to a support building and maneuvering area in the Industrial District of Queimados - RJ.


Fully understand the client's needs and activities in order to carry out the project conceptual design. Optimize constructive solutions, directly impacting the quality of execution, time and cost. Complete the construction on schedule.


Conduct meetings with the production team and surveys in the existing plant, making sure every need on-site is being taken care of.

Based on Matec's construction expertise, we are able to suggest the best engineering solutions availiable, meeting the client's expectations and optimizing the product, aiming at improving the quality of execution and generate time and cost savings.

We are committed to completing the construction on schedule. The site will be ready to go fully operational in October 2018, the client's peak peak season.


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