Cabreúva - SP


Project Description

Construction of a 3-unit logistics condominium, comprising approximately 140,000 m². The project also involved access infrastructure to the condominium/highway and pavement of the internal road system.

Execution of precast structure and metal roofing.

External roads were paved with asphalt.

Internal roads were paved with interlocking pavers and concrete.

The soil underneath the warehouse and in the external areas had to be excavated and replaced due to its poor quality.

A major challenge was executing the prestressed concrete floor system on a large scale. Matec was a pioneer in completing such large-scale floor system successfully.

Record completion of a 7,500 m² floor slab in one day. Suppliers and employees were fully engaged in bold planning to make it happen. We used 3 concrete batching plants to feed 30 trucks serving the construction, in addition to 3 Laser Screed machines.

The poured concrete slab represented over 1,000 m³.

Record prestressed concrete floor system without joints, where we minimized building pathologies on the warehouse floor.

We opted for excavating and replacing the soil instead of building a pile-supported ground slab, which reduced work duration and approximately 23% of the initial costs.


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