do Brasil

Piracicaba - SP


Project Description

Logistics center with continuous flight auger, shallow foundation elements cast in-situ, loading dock containment cast in-situ. Superstructure in pre-cast elements, closings in masonry and metallic platband. Standing seam metal roofing with metallic support structure. Internal rigid pavement in reinforced concrete with double screen. Execution of annexes and admin building with finishes and furnishings under Matec's responsibility.

External areas in rigid reinforced concrete pavement with screen and access roads and parking in flexible pavement with asphalt concrete. Implementation of sidewalks, landscaping, fencing and interconnections for medium voltage networks, data networks, sewer system, drinking water and rainwater harvesting for reuse.


Execution in 6 months during rainy season (December to June).

Increase of personnel and reduction in work stoppage due to rain disruptions.


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