C&C Casa e Construção

Guarulhos - SP

Rio de Janeiro - RJ


Project Description

C&C Casa e Construção was established in 2000, after the merger between Canibra and Madeirense, two retail companies of the construction sector. It acquired the retail chain Uemura Home Center in 2001, and the Brazilian operation of Castorama, a multinational construction retail chain, in 2003.

The chain has 45 stores spread across the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo, and 4 distribution centers. Matec was in charge of the projects in Guarulhos-SP, where the chain's largest distribution center is located, and the Megastore in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.


The local soil has features peculiar to terrain found along water courses, displaying reduced bearing capacity and water levels rising to the surface. To improve bearing capacity - and also to ensure efficient building operations on the construction site - we implemented measures such as partial soil replacement, provisional pavement, and vertical drains.

External closings in precast concrete panels and isothermal panels.

Industrialized structural solutions - Composite structure made of precast concrete and metal.

Reduction in the effects of greenhouse gas emissions: adoption of materials with high solar reflectance index, maintaining indoor temperature balance.

Internal closing in LSF (Light Steel Frame).


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