Bomi Indústria Farmacêutica

Itapevi - SP


Project Description

A pioneering project in Brazil, being the only fully refrigerated distribution center in the country. It is aimed at meeting strict demands of pharmaceutical companies, which require high standards for product storage and safety. In addition, it is the first green logistics facility in Brazil (LEED silver) solely dedicated to one of the segments that makes substantial investments in quality assurance: the health industry.

Construction using technological and sustainability standards, with requirements that ensure the site's asepsis. The operation includes energy saving, use of natural light, water recycling and reuse, and a state-of-the-art energy generation system.

Industrialized structural solutions - Composite structure made of precast concrete and metal. Internal closing in LSF (Light Steel Frame).

Roof side closing designed in negative angle, enabling the admission of natural light, thus reducing heat load and optimizing energy use.

Cold storage unit: cold rooms between 2° C and 8° C and freezers between -20° C and -70° C.


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